A Splash of Sunshine: The History of Cafe E.Pellicci

A Splash of Sunshine: The History of Cafe E.Pellicci

 If you find yourself meandering through the streets of Bethnal Green, East London, you may spot a little cafe with a bright yellow exterior. This cafe, known as E.Pellicci, has been a fixture of the community for over a century, serving up traditional English breakfasts and comforting Italian dishes with a side of friendly banter. 


Origins of E.Pellicci

For more than a century, E Pellicci's has been a classic East London café, serving the local community. The café is a true family business, with the Pellicci's working there for generations. The café's name, emblazoned outside with an 'E', stands for Elide Pellicci, the wife of Priamo Pellicci who began working at the café in 1900. Elide not only raised seven children in the flat above the café but also kept the business going after her husband passed away in 1931.

Yellow Exterior

E.Pellicci's bright yellow exterior is a defining feature of the café, having remained largely unchanged since the 1940s. This bold colour was chosen to make the café stand out amidst the drab, grey buildings of post-war London.

Inside, E.Pellicci's ornate and historic interior features panelled wooden decor carved by Achille Capocci in 1946. Capocci's intricate carvings are a testament to his skill and dedication, and have helped to make the interior a true feast for the eyes. In recognition of this unique craftsmanship, E.Pellicci has been awarded Grade II listed status by English Heritage, ensuring that its architectural and cultural significance will be preserved for future generations to appreciate.

E.Pellicci Cafe in a frame

E.Pellicci today

Curious to see more of E.Pellicci, and get a feel for the atmosphere? Check out the café's Instagram page (@pelliccicafe) for a curated selection of photos that capture the essence of the place.

If you're in the area this is one place that cannot be missed. It's a true gem of Bethnal Green and a testament to the power of community and tradition in an ever-changing London town. You can also buy a copy of my painting of this wonderful little cafe here


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