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Hi, I’m Laura,

Currently based in Peckham, although I spent a decent chunk of the last ten years in Camberwell, hence the name of this project!

I’m particularly inspired by the warm community spirit found in London and also love travelling to different cities to eat and drink where the locals do!

Over the last ten years, some of the places I’ve loved have sadly either closed or moved on, which inspired me to start recording these shop fronts. The way I remember them. I often add little details to record the character and personality in ways that a photograph might not.

My process usually starts by photographing the exterior of a building, which I use as references for initial drawings. The exterior is then manipulated to fit into a workspace and painted using gouache.

I do sometimes accept commissions. For more details please fill in the from below and i'll be in touch asap

Disclaimer - Camberwell Designs has no affiliation with any of the buildings/commercial residences depicted. Images are for illustrative purposes only.