Discovering the Best Bagels in London at Beigel Bake in Brick Lane, East London

Discovering the Best Bagels in London at Beigel Bake in Brick Lane, East London

Looking for a classic and delicious London experience? Look no further than Beigel Bake, located in the heart of the vibrant Brick Lane. Known for its famous deep-filled salt beef bagels, Beigel Bake has been satisfying the appetites of Londoners and visitors alike since 1976, selling over 3,000 bagels a day.

Art print of beigel bake by laura willis

History of the Beigel

While the salt beef bagel is now a staple at Beigel Bake, the shop's original menu consisted of more traditional fillings such as salmon and cream cheese, chopped herring, cheddar, and egg. However, it wasn't until a local Jewish deli announced it was closing that the bagel shop decided to add salt beef to its menu. This addition created the mouth-watering salt beef bagel that has become synonymous with Beigel Bake today.

Beigels 24/7

With 24/7 opening hours, Beigel Bake is a favourite among locals and tourists alike, making it a perfect pit stop after a night out or for a quick lunch. And now, thanks to their website, you can even schedule regular deliveries of their delicious bagels.

The shop itself never closes, not even on Christmas Day, so it's always worth a visit if you're in the area. This unique and unforgettable London gift idea is perfect for anyone who loves a good bagel and wants to capture the spirit of one of London's most beloved food shops.


Art prints of beigel shops on brick lane
 The two most famous Beigel shops: Beigel Bake and Britains First Beigel Shop! 

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